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One of the most deeply rooted topics among the public is that chefs are little less than "shamans" who hide their secrets from the world, avoiding above all knowing how they achieve their recipes, how they manage to prepare their star dishes.

Toño wants to disprove this topic and offers cooking courses to any curious person who wants to spread his hands with him in the kitchen: amateur gastronomes, groups of friends, couples ... anyone can cook with him the same recipes that are eaten in the restaurant.

No occultism. Just good advice, shared experience and a desire to learn and teach. And also, give a souvenir apron.
Who Said Cooks Are Unapproachable?


Antonio Luis Álvarez Hernando was born in Salamanca on April 7, 1963. At just sixteen he left his hometown, La Alberca, to go to Madrid where he began as a kitchen boy at the Felipe IV restaurant. Always anxious to train, he works in various restaurants: Casa Lucio, Zarauz restaurant, Mallorca restaurant in Madrid, etc.

He completed several modules at the Madrid hospitality school, where he met Luis Irízar, a teacher of teachers and one of the most profound and positive influences of his career.

After that positive experience, in 1986 he decided to go to the Basque Country where, together with Vicente Sáez and Felipe Bruzos, he opened the Hotel Restaurant “El caserón” in Armentia (Vitoria). Make this work compatible with training in restaurants such as Zuberoa, Akelarre, Koldo Lasa, Martín Berasategui, Arzak ...

After several staff changes in his workplace at the age of twenty-five, he was offered the position of head chef, where he officiated for eighteen years. He also collaborates on several books, "The forty great masters of our cuisine", "Gastronomy in Álava" and "Álava al gusto".

In 2005 he settled in Salamanca to apply all his knowledge in his own business, "La Cocina de Toño"